Consulting Services

For entrepreneurs who want to create new value, we can be the biggest partner in the field and pursue a hands-on realization of the project.

1.New Business/New product planning/development, overseas business promotion support

Through our unique business development and management approach, we will work together to create new value basics the essential meaning of business. First of all, we will grasp the current state of the customer company, according to the problem, participate in the project, and work on the business training and the workshop implementation, etc. [Workshop (Japanese, English, Chinese correspondence)] Originally, the product is the value felt from the user side, and the brand is the one that exists in the mind of each user, too. Therefore, the company acknowledged the user’s feelings, making the product which becomes it for the world, and doing business activities while living in harmony with the environment. The brand value that arises from it is the shared value of the society.


and the brands and products that are loved for many years always have univerasal truth. We watched together to grow the brand that your products continue to be loved.

2.New brand development and existing brand rib landing

we re-review the thoughts that the company has put into the brand, and by organizing the significance of the brand and the value of the offer, We build a system to provide consistent image services to our customers. It is important to keep remembering the value of the brand continuously in the change of people’s mind, changing customer’s needs and values. It is the first step in branding that the products and services that we provide are required to progress on a daily basis with the customers ‘ feelings and to unify the way they show and express themselves. Freebee ® himself tried to organize his activities by using a sheet.See here. (only in Japanese)

3.Strengthen the value chain

We will help you maximize the overall performance of your organization by addressing the Projective to “rectifying” the business process. When we compare the concept of the value chain to the water pipe, various parts (business and department) are working on each day’s work. If the part which becomes the joint is not operated smoothly, it leaks, and it leads to the loss of the chance losses and the deterioration of efficiency. The complex flow of business is also optimized and simple.We will facilitate to make the flow of the business rectified based on the awareness that is understood by the external eye.



Project management requires the ability to see the whole picture and the leadership to maximize the power of the entire team. In a global competitive environment, these skills are fully demonstrated by the spirit and values of the team play that the Japanese style are good at. If you appoint a project manager in-house, we will teach you the experience and skills of project management leadership practices as part of the OJT of the human resources.